Thursday, April 16, 2009

What Have I Been Doing?

I haven't had much time lately to post or read any blogs. You all know how hard it is to get caught up with reading once you get behind. I had a great trip to Minnesota. The concert was great, and Joe's solo performance was amazing. It was probably about 20 minutes long and the string section was the only other instruments that played with him. He is so talented and I had to say it brought tears to my eyes. He got a standing ovation! He was the only standing ovation, no one else got one and we were all so proud of him. I didn't get pictures because my camera batteries were dead, I had the camera with me but forgot to charge it, as I hadn't used it for awhile.

The picture that you see of the two dogs, is a photo of our first boxer Oscar and our chihuahua Pockets. As I was getting ready for church the Sunday before Easter Pockets started having trouble breathing, within 45 minutes he layed down and died. He was my son Andy's dog. I kept trying to call Andy, as I knew he was dying. Andy finally called me back and he came home to help me with his little dog Pockets. It was a sad day for us and especially for Andy. It just really freaked me out that day. So this is a little tribute for Pockets. He was 13 years old. Oscar the other dog in the photo died at age 3 of lymphoma. He got lymphoma the same time as Pete's last lymphoma came back in 2006.

I have been busy picking out the grave headstone and relieved now that it is done. They should have it up by memorial weekend, which will be nice. I have also been meeting with my banker doing some financial planning with Pete's 401k and Pension. The pension they are still trying to figure that out. I tell you nothing goes smoothly with this stuff. The pension is an old plan and Pete and a couple others are the only ones that have it. They don't have it anymore. They were grandfathered in on the Pension. I suppose they will be trying to get out of paying that!!

I have been doctoring once again. They had me on a higher dose of cholesterol medicine. Before I left for Minnesota I broke out with a rash all over! I stopped taking the medication, thinking that it was causing the rash. After I got back it wasn't going away so I found a day to see the doctor. They didn't think it was from the medicine, but they didn't know what it was from. They are keeping me off the med for awhile till the rash clears. Then I am supposed to take it again and if the rash comes back, we will know it is the medicine. They put me on prednisone and it made me sick. I don't do medicine very well. That is why I never go to the doctor, because once you go, it seems you just keep going. The rash isn't gone quite yet, but I won't take the prednisone. I'll try the med once again, when the rash gets a little better.

I have been very busy with work with some stressful things, so by the time I get home I am dead tired. Hope you have all been well. I hope to have sometime this weekend to catch up and read your blogs.