Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What am I doing?

June 17, 2008

I am making an attempt to create a blog and I really do not know what I am doing. I am sure with a little practice perhaps I will know what I am doing. We will see about that. I have been reading some blogs, mostly folks related to me so now that I finally have a computer at home, I thought I would give it a try. I did a little flower gardening after work, cooked supper, packed lunches, doesn't sound very exciting, does it. My husband goes to bed quite early so I usually spend my evening on the computer because I am to tired to do anything else. Sometimes my dog, Rocky, a boxer decides to get up off the bed and pay me a little visit. Rocky is a almost 2 years old who I now love, but let me tell you I almost gave up on this dog. We had another boxer Oscar who developed lymphoma at the age of 3 and had to be put to sleep. My son thought that my husband needed to have another dog right away. My husband also has lymphoma, actually this is his 4th reoccurence. Oscar was with Pete through his stem cell, and he was always at Pete's side. Oscar was an amazing dog with a great personality, so human like, he could even say mama! Pete and Oscar had lymphoma at the same time. It was very hard on us when we had to say goodbye to Oscar. My oldest son Seth went and got another boxer for Pete. Well this puppy was unlike any other puppy! He was a bit aggressive and I would be left to hang out with him in the evenings, since my hubby goes to bed when the sun is still shining. This dog would just jump and attack me all the time, I used to jump and the kitchen table and be in tears, trapped in the kitchen with this dog, whom I did not like at all! My husband being a dog lover said he will be a good dog, just wait and see! One day I come home from work and he tore up the kitchen floor, he actually ate alot of it!! I wanted him to go! Well Rocky has turned out to be a pretty good and lovable dog! Who would have thought!!