Sunday, May 17, 2009

Does Good Luck Follow You?

Some people seem to just be born lucky, and then there's people like me! I think that bad luck follows me around, nothing ever comes easy , and everything I seem to try to accomplish lately just turns into one big disaster. My computer was down again, my Norton antivirus expired, and just in one day, the minute the computer was turned on, it was infected with viruses. The computer had to spend a couple of days at the computer hospital, getting rid of the viruses.

You know that I picked out the monument, or headstone for my husbands grave. They are supposed to have it up by memorial weekend. I went to the cemetery to see if they had layed the slab for the monument last weekend. They layed the slab all right but in the wrong place! My hubby is buried next to his dad, then my spot, and a new neighbor will be next to me! They layed the slab on mine and my new neighbor's! It is no where near my husbands grave. I had to visit the monument place and tell them that they goofed up. I don't think they believed me at first, but I checked it 3 times last weekend to make sure I wasn't nuts! Ok, I am nut's, I will admit that! I did have the guy laughing when I said the slab seems to be for me and my neighbor. He didn't get what I meant by that, so I had to explain. The cemetery marked it now with red flags so they will have to move the slab and the mount the monument. They better have it done by memorial weekend or I am going to ask for some money back for their mistakes. My husbands estate has to go through probate and that is a whole other story. It depresses me to just think about it.

I have been busy getting my flower beds ready and bought a ton of flowers today, so I can plant some each night this week. I hope you are all having some luck in your life's.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Experiencing God

My husband Pete was the kind of man that kept his calm through trials. . . he was a very patient person. His heart was seen in the way he cared more about others than himself. Take for instance when he prayed, I asked him , " Pete, do you pray for yourself?" His response was that so many others were praying for him so he thought he should be praying for others. Pete came to know God better during his illness. In fact, rather than getting bitter with God about his illness, Pete got closer to God, accepting Jesus' eternal gift. This quiet man also possessed amazing inner strength and courage. In one of life's irony's during his first battle with cancer he prayed to God, I don't want my kids to ever have cancer--give it to me instead of them, he had four different battles with cancer and we have four kids.

Just to let you know that I have had Internet problems for a month, I would try to read blogs and the Internet would lose connection. Friday I was able to get a new Internet modem, and I am up and running again. I have missed you all.