Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas

December has not been a good month for me! I have been busy with work, but at home I can't seem to get into the spirit of Christmas! I am missing Pete so much and everything I see, touch, hear, taste or feel, makes me cry! I have been doing better for the last week or so, but I am not very Merry! I did get my shopping done yesterday and that was an all day event. Left at 10:30am and got done at 5:30pm. I was bound and determine to finish it. Went to church this morning and after I sort some laundry, I will be wrapping gifts for the entire day and night. I have missed the blogging, but I just seemed to distracted to really post anything readable! Most of all I wanted to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas! You have all made an impact in my life. God sends good people my way! I hope that once I get through Christmas, I well better be able to move on! My husband sent me a message. I walked into the bedroom closet a couple of days ago. His side of the closet has a wood bar and it broke right in the middle and all of his clothes cascaded onto the floor making a huge mountain of clothes. Yes, they are still there. I think he says perhaps I should go through some of this stuff cause there is no where else to hang it. The pile does serve a purpose, really! I am short, and I keep sheets on a shelf above his clothing. I don't have to drag a stool in there to get sheets. I can just climb the mountain of clothes and I can reach the sheets!! May God Bless You All!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Experiencing God!

Today I thought that I would share a story about Mary. No, not the mother of Christ, just Mary a person whom my husband and I met in a chemotherapy treatment room. Pete had treatments at The Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. This experience happened in 2003 when Pete was getting chemotherapy in preparation for a stem cell transplant. In the cancer treatment center, when your name is called you wander back to the little room where you will be sitting for 4 hours to have the poisonous drugs infused to your body. This particular course of treatment took along time, they are not always this long, some we had were all day affairs, some were 2 hours. In these rooms there are two recliners, so that two people are having treatments at the same time. We came into that room and Mary was already in her recliner, receiving the chemo, a man was with her. Pete and Mary's actions were very much alike. Pete taps his feet nervously all the time and I noticed Mary's feet were doing the same dance. We introduced our selves to each other. Pete and Mary shared some feelings about chemo and we all laughed as they seemed so much alike. The gentleman with her was her brother who came to support Mary through this journey. He had a book in his hand and so did I! He was reading Chicken Soup for the Soul, for Cancer patients, and guess what, so was I! They were two of the kindest people we have ever met in a chemo room. We talked and laughed and the time went so fast! We all agreed if you could ever have fun in a chemo room, this was a fun day. Mary shared her story. She had a cancer that involved her colon, and tumors that were entwined everywhere in her abdomen. Mary had already had a surgery and was doing follow up chemo at this time. Her surgery was supposed to be very involved and would be 4-5 hours long. They were going to film this procedure for students docs, it was quite a mess as Mary indicated. The day of her surgery Mary was pacing nervously because they kept bumping her surgery time to a later hour, this happened two times, something more critical needed attention. Her daughter-in-law was with her. Mary said her faith was strong but nothing like her daughter-in-laws. Mary described the daughter-in-law as being the most spiritual person she knew! Mary was going crazy waiting around for the surgery, she hadn't even been prepped yet so she was in a waiting area filled with other people. In the waiting are, Mary's daughter-in-law, proclaimed out loud for all to hear, You don't have to have the surgery! Everything is ok, you don't have the cancer, Jesus has taken care of it! Well, Mary was thinking, is she crazy, people in the room are staring at her! Mary said, what are you talking about. The answer from the daughter-in-law was, It's ok mom, Jesus is right here now, standing beside me and he said you don't need the surgery. Mary, did go to surgery that day! They opened her up and guess what, there was nothing wrong! Now they had xrays of the mess inside her abdomen, but presto, nothing there to fix! I think that God was present that day and of course so did she! We met her doctor that day in the chemo room. The doctor said she had no answers to what happened that day except perhaps a Miracle!! They did Mary's chemo just to make sure that there were no stray cancer cells floating about. Her daughter-in-law told her it wasn't necessary, but Mary decided to do the Chemo, just in case. Lesson learned: God speaks to his people.
If your faith is strong, you will hear him! You too, could have an encounter with God!