Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Visit

Good Morning!
I went to church this morning and thought after church that I would go to the cemetery to visit my husband. I haven't been able to make myself go there since the day of the funeral on the 15th of Sept. It wasn't as bad as I thought that it would be. I have the Lord right by my side which makes things so much easier. I just can't really accept yet that he is really gone. I thought that I had been preparing myself for years but I don't think one can ever prepare for the emptiness that one feels. Those you love deeply seem to be taken from you way to soon. I only know now that he is in a far better place and is at peace and looking and feeling fine! I did have to tell him that Nebraska took a whooping last night, of course he probably knew that already.


Janell said...

You really hit the nail on the head when you say, "Those you love deeply seem to be taken from you way too soon." And you know, that would also be true if you and Pete had both lived to celebrate your 100th wedding anniversary together.

Hang in there, Girl. Remember the song, "If you're going through Hell, keep on going. Don't slow down...."

Jim said...

Hi Marla, welcome to blog world! I like your blog, it is pleasant looking.
I also welcomed you on your first post, I like to read those to see what was what back then.

You might like to look at my other active blogs as well. I may cut back a little on the JIM'S LITTLE BLOG as I spend too much time doing blogs. I am thinking weekly and a short Sunday post.
That won't happen until December when it will be three years old.

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On Wednesday it has a picture or series of pictures, supposedly with no words. We call it Wordless Wednesday. There are over 300 doing this, I try to limit my reading and commenting to in the 20's.
On Fridays I join a group called SkyWatch Friday where we post various sky pictures and very often a short write up. This one as well I try it keep limited readership.
I generally post these the night before (late) but most can not be announced to others until midnight the assigned day.

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And I always try to answer comments on that person's blog (unless I have already written a recent comment there and I feel the comment on my blog is a return comment).

Marla said...

Thanks for the welcome! I will have to look at some of your other blogs.

Brooke said...

Hi Marla,
I wanted to pop in and say Hello. I love your blog and look forward to visiting it more often. I am very sorry to have read about your loss. There are no perfect words, but it is obvious that your faith and your walk with the Lord is getting you through this. The Lord's time is never the right time for us, but you are correct...anyone that is called home is in such a better place. I will lift both you and your husband it prayer.