Thursday, January 15, 2009

Double Dare

I was reading the news today and I read about the famous I double dare you to lick the pole. So of course this 4th grader licks the pole and it was 10 degrees outside. I had to laugh, not that it is funny to laugh at some one's pain. I was just reminded of a few years back when one evening I received a phone call from the my grandson's mother, and she was panicky. My grandson Cain was sledding and although he wasn't double dared, for some reason he decided to lick the light pole at the sledding hill. He pulled his tongue off but his tongue was bleeding. He thought he needed to come and get Grandma's advice. He was crying when he got here with his tongue bleeding and all skinned off. I held him awhile and got a cool cloth for him to suck on. There isn't much to do except put up with a sore tongue for a few days. I thought that he should go home and take some Tylenol, and stay home from school the next day and eat some soft foods like pudding till his tongue healed. He thought that was a great idea. He did get to stay home for the torment that he put himself through. I asked him why he licked the pole, he said he didn't know why, he just did, but said he would never do that again. It was around Christmas when he did it. A few days later I got a Christmas card from my sister and on the front of the card was the boy from the Christmas Story with his tongue stuck to the pole. It was just funny because my sister didn't know anything about Cain licking the pole. Once and awhile I ask him if he has licked any poles lately, and he smiles and politely answers, No Grandma! When I go to his basketball game on Saturday I am going to be sure to tell him about yet another boy who licked a pole.


Lanny said...

So will that turn into your secret code with him, for the "how are you doing, done anything not very bright lately," check?

We all seem to have our own metal poles we just gotta stick our tongues on in our lives. Unfortunately many of those poles don't hurt as bad, so we are not as quickly educated.

Paul Nichols said...

Your grandson is as handsome as ours--and even has a similar smile as one of ours.

Scarlet said...

Cute story. I like the way you made him feel better. Soft foods and a day off from school...the perfect remedy!

Lucy Stern said...

Hard way to learn that

Winifred said...

I haven't heard of this happening. Poor little chap. Still you live and learn.

I once got my hand stuck on the metal freezer box of the fridge & couldn't get it out. Luckily my husband heard me screaming and poured hot water on it. The side of my hand was like a piece of frozen chicken and was very painful.

Cliff said...

He was probably meant to live in Florida instead of here.
I hope is better.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Sorry Marla I laughed. I feel for your grandson though. Sometimes we do things for no reason at all. I guess this is how we learn our lesson. Have a good weekend. Lisa

Edie said...

Ouch that sounds SO painful. I've hear this story before but I've never heard anyone mention if they would know what to do to get a tongue unstuck safely. Get someone to pour luke warm (not hot) water on the pole and tongue.

Handsome young man you have there. :)

No need to apologize Marla. Just take things at your own pace. I have a few things in the works right now so you're not holding me up. Just if and when your ready. :)

Jamie Dawn said...

He's a good looking fella.
I bet that hurt like crazy!!
Poor guy just HAD to learn the hard way.

Mary said...

Ha! I think quite a few kids try this and find out that it isn't much fun. The secret to not pulling the skin off your tongue is to take deep breaths and then huff the warm air onto the metal. You tongue will eventually release.
Hope this helps.


Linda G. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your interesting comment!
Your Grandson is a cutie:) I like that he felt only Grandma would know how to handle his problem and could make him feel better..