Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oboe Joe

I would like to introduce you to my nephew Joe. He attends the University of Minnesota where he studies the oboe. He will graduate this year. Joe is a talented young musician. Has performed as a soloist with the Minnesota Orchestra, the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra and the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies.

Joe is currently the Principal Oboe of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. He also plays with the University of Minnesota Symphony Orchestra. He is a member of the West Bank Winds Woodwind Quintet. Joe has a private teaching studio and is co founder and oboe instructor of the 4th Street Music Collective. This is just to name a few of his amazing dedication to music. He has pursed this since he was young and remained dedicated to playing the oboe. He also has a great singing voice and plays the piano well. His love though is the oboe.

Joe has been auditioning at schools for undergraduate school. He auditioned at Julliard and Yale. There was one other but I forgot what school that was. We are all so very proud of Joe and his accomplishments. The good news is in, Joe was accepted to Yale! What a great accomplishment for him.

I taking a road trip with my youngest sister this weekend. I haven't left the state for at least ten years. We are heading up to Minneapolis to hear Joe perform as a soloist with the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra on Sunday. I will get to see my oldest sister, Joe's mom. My younger sister's daughter and her only grandchild live in St. Paul so we will see them too. They are forecasting snow Friday night and Sat. around here, I will be so disappointed if the weather wrecks our plans. Check this out about Joe's upcoming guest solo.


Mary said...


I'm so glad you are able to make the trip to see Joe perform. It sounds like he is a very talented man. Enjoy!

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Granny Annie said...

Way to go Oboe Joe! Marla, you have every right to be proud of your nephew and I so hope all goes well for your travel this weekend. We will await your wonderful report.

Lucy Stern said...

Wow! What a dedicated young man he is....I would love to hear some of his work... Keeping my fingers crossed that the snow doesn't ruin your trip.

It is hard to cook for just one person. I love cooking when I know the kids are coming over.....

Lanny said...

What a fun trip, what a great talented nephew.

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh my buddy Bobby Vee lives in St Paul. I loved Minnesota when we visited. Beautiful.

I love to read about someone who is dedicated and passionate about something and it sounds like Joe's hard work has paid off.

I hope the weather doesn't stop you from your road trip. Sounds like it will be wonderful. :)

Cathy said...

Hello Marla
I hope this weekend is a good one for you. Taking a trip and seeing family is the sort of weekend I like.
Joe sounds like a talented musician - he deserves to have a good life in the field of Music.
Take care
Cathy. M

Chatty Kelly said...

You sound like a proud auntie, adn no wonder! Joe is a talent. Congrats. Hope you plans don't get changed!

possum said...

Talented and handsome and appreciated! What a combination!
Lucky Joe!
Lucky you!
Be safe going out inthe snow!

Winifred said...

I do hope you get to make the trip. He must make you all so proud.

LL Cool Joe said...

ps. Check out your award on my blog Marla!

Paul Nichols said...

Enjoy the trip. Enjoy the concert. Enjoy Joe.

Please be careful driving. Hurry back with a full report.

Jim said...

Have a nice trip, Marla. I hope everything is enjoyable and that you enjoy hearing your nephew. I can tell you are proud of him. You were just a tad short of saying that you are his favorite aunt.

I peeked at your link, that Joe is a lucky fellow. Not everyone could play along with the singer, KrisAnne Weiss. We have a very nice realator here in Conroe, Texas, named Judy Weiss. Could they be related I'm wondering.

Drive carefully,

Tabor said...

How wonderful for you. You will have a lovely visit and he certainl "looks" talented.

Emily Anne said...

Mamma Marla,

I must say that I truly enjoyed reading your blog. You seem like a wonderful woman, with an amazing family. I'm happy to read about your road trip. It seems well needed and long overdue. I know you'll have a fun and safe trip. I'll be sure to say a prayer for you. I hope you have a terrific time. Enjoy!

God Bless You,


Scarlet said...

I hope you are able to make it to see your talented (and very handsome) nephew perform. I know I wouldn't miss it if I lived in the area. Sounds like a great time! Have fun!!

Jim said...

Have a good trip. Be sure your hearing aids are swabbed out!

Jamie Dawn said...

Congrats to Joe on all of his accomplishments!
The oboe is not an easy instrument to play. It is often in high demand at colleges because good oboe players are hard to find. Schools often offer great scholarships for oboe players.
I wish you safe travels, and I hope the weather does not interfere with your plans.

Sue said...

What a handsom and talented man. I hope you don't run into any real bad weather on you trip.

Janell said...

What a wonderful young man! Congratualations to him on all. You are probably on your way home by now; I'm praying you'll have a safe trip.

Rachel said...

Marla, you've every right to be proud! What wonderful accomplishments! I'd say his future is bright. He is a handsome young man too!

Hope your trip was safe and better than great!!!

Ralph said...

So did you get to make the trip? Sure hope so.
Joe sounds like he really has talent.

Cliff said...

Well, we've had crazy weather across the midwest. I hope you pulled this clam bake off.
An impressive young man is Joe. You should all be proud.

Jim said...

Hi Marla, my spy says you are okay, you are just trying to figure out what to write about.
Would you please tell us about Joe's performance and your trip. Did you take any pictures?
We are missing you. I have slowed way down in my blogging and people would like you to take up some slack. :-) :-) :-)

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