Friday, February 27, 2009

Birthday Boys

I have been really bad about finding time to post and read blogs this month. I hope that I can get caught up over the weekend. I took today off to try to make some contacts once again with my hubby's life insurance. Last I heard they were to mail out the check over a week ago last Wed., haven't got it yet! I have trouble catching up with the guy who is supposed to be handling this. First he said he didn't get information sent last Oct. I had my nephew in law call him, he's an attorney, then we started to hear from the insurance guy. We resent the information again. Then he said he didn't have the death certificate, which was sent in October, so we sent another one. This crap is taking a long time. I just want to be finished with it. I am sharing with you a short photoshow of the Birthday Boys. Cain was 12 on Feb. 17th, he belongs to my oldest son. Jacob was 12 on Jan. 28th, he is Seth's girlfriends son. So I have attended a couple of birthday parites for the boys. Jacob is the darker hair, smaller boy and Cain is the bigger boy. So please check out my newest production Birthday Boys!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Junk Mail

I am sure that everyone receives their share of Junk Mail. Call me strange but I like junk mail. Some of it is fun to look at and it certainly is better than bills. I received this in the mail the other day, just an insurance agent marketing for house insurance. I really didn't pay to much attention to it. But just as I was about to throw it away, I noticed the picture of the house on the front with the lovely Magnolia tree in bloom. Well I guess he has been taking photos of houses, because the house of this piece of mail is my little house! I scanned this so I don't know if you will be able to see it that good. Do you like Junk Mail??

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Alive and Well, Ok sort of!

My computer is finally fixed. I am way behind on reading blogs and posting for this month. My son took me out for supper last Saturday. We went to Omaha to the Cheesecake factory and we had a nice time. Seth loves to go out to eat and he loves to try new and different things. I feel better today, I had a terrible week. Work stressed me out terribly this week, I had a meltdown. I took a vacation day yesterday, but we had to close anyway due to the snow storm. My boss happened to call me at work on Thursday, that was the day of the meltdown. He called really to touch base on the budget. I had him on the phone so I opened my mouth and let everything flow. He was very encouraging and he told me I am way to hard on myself. I fell like I should be making more progress at work, but it is a tough place with staff who don't follow directives or don't think they need to be accountable. I try not to let work stress me that much and I try to remain calm, but the week just didn't let me do that! Feb. 10th last week was 5 months that my honey passed away. I know that was in the back of my mind. It seems like only a few weeks ago, but 5 months already! It doesn't seem possible. I guess an occasional melt down is ok. He said I don't have as many as the other directors do! After the phone call he said , why don't you just get out of there and go home. It was only a half hour early, so I grab my purse and ran for the door!! I have Monday off , I so need a break from that place!! Hopefully, I can catch up on checking in on all of you! Somebody Loves me, my youngest son and his girlfriend left me an orchid plant, it was nice surprise to wake up to on this Valentine's day.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Marla's M Words

I told my blogging buddy Cathy that she could give me a letter for the Letter Meme, and I got the letter M. So I will do my best to write on 10 things that I love that start with M!

1. Mountains- Who doesn't love the beauty of the mountains. We have no real mountains in Nebraska but Mount Crescent was nearby. Well some of you may not no about this mountain, but that is where Pete took me to learn to ski. It's a ski place, but really just some big hills. My first attempt at skiing was awful. They made artificial snow and when you tried to get to the ski lift it was pure ice and and I couldn't even keep from falling. We some how got to lift and I went down once and refused to go down again. Yes, I was a big baby about it! We did start going to Colorado every winter to ski. It was much easier to learn on real mountains with real snow. I have fond memories of our ski trips and am glad I didn't give up after the awful start at Mount Crescent!

2. Music- I like to listen to music, really all kinds. I am not fond of rap! I love musicals. I do alot of singing. I sing in the shower, in the car, and around the house. I even use my wooden spoon for my pretend microphone. I make up my own words to the tunes of other songs. Yes, my kids say I am crazy but very entertaining. I not a good singer just average. I would never sing solo. I did karaoke one time on a business trip. It was a competition with other states in our company. Our group was singing Taking Care of Business, we were rockin good! We won by the loudest applause! Many of us probably had one drink to many at that time!

3. Magazines- I love magazines. I buy way to many, but I can't help myself. I need to go to Magazine anonymous or something. They call my name when I walk by them, I try hard not to look at them, but they draw me in every time. My favorite of course are cooking magazines, I am obsessed with them!

4. My Mother- I love my mother, she simply the best, better than all the rest! She will be 76 on Feb. 3rd. She has been there for me when I need her always. Her and my dad will be married 59 years in October. I have always admired my mom. She was the youngest of 12 children. Her mother had her when she was 47 years old. My grandmother got Parkinson's and my mom being the youngest had to quit school to care for her mother. Her brothers and sisters are much older were gone and married. My parents were newly married and her parents lived with them. One night mom and dad went out and Grandma went to someone's house for the night, Grandpa stayed home. While they were gone, there was a fire! Grandpa got out in his underwear but the house burned to the ground, they lost everything. Mom had taken off her wedding rings that night because her hands were swollen. Mom said they sifted through the ashes for weeks for her ring, but never found it. Mom had 4 little girls and by this time my Grandma was wheelchair bound, couldn't even talk, or feed herself, or walk. Mom took care of us and her parents. My grandpa never wanted her in a nursing home. Grandpa died first and mom then put her mom in the nursing home. Grandma died 2 weeks later and 24 hours after she went to the nursing home. My mom is a hard worker, she can still work circles around me. She is a great cook and the best baker. I love my mom!

5. Mexican Food- I really like Mexican food. If ever I have a good craving, it is usually Mexican food. And, well, that's all I have to say about that.

6. Memories-- I love memories! I think it is good for your soul to reflect on both your good and bad memories. I am a keeper of stuff, you know, not one to throw stuff out. Well everything holds some kind of a memory and I just can't part with things. That's why my house is filled to the rim with things. I really do need to clear out some of the stuff but I have a hard time with it! When I die my kids are going to have way to much stuff to go through. I know that you should hold memories in your mind and heart. But, I can't help thinking, if my mind goes, I might need the stuff to remind me of the memory!

7. Marriage--I loved marriage and everything about it! The good things and the bad things. I miss not being married. I like having someone around to talk with, laugh with, snuggle with, and to love. Pete and I were soul mates. We did everything together. We were always with each other. We didn't really go anywhere without each other. We were there for each other. And as the vows say Until death do us part!

8. Motherhood- I like being a mother. I don't know what I would do without my kids. There is nothing you will ever do in your life that compares to motherhood. I made lots of mistakes at motherhood. I was a single parent for awhile, I tried hard to be the mom and the dad. I didn't always do the best. My mom would always come and stay with me when I had a baby, to help out for a few days. When I had my third child, Andy she came. Seth was 6, and Emily was 3. The day she was going to leave, I cried like a baby, it was a hormone thing, uncontrollable, I didn't mean to! I said what the heck was I thinking, 3 kids, don't leave me here! Well she left and I survived. My kids have driven me to tears at times, but I love them so very much. I am very close to my children and not all people have that!

9. Mornings- I am not a morning person, meaning that I have never got used to getting up at 5:30 am. I am really crabby in the morning, and it takes me forever to get going. I always told my husband that I am not responsible for what I say early in the morning hours. Once I am up and about, I like the mornings! I like the weekend mornings, in the summer when I can get up early and work in my flowerbeds.

10. Miracles- I love miracles, I believe in miracles. I think that it is a miracle that my husband lived for 13 years fighting and winning 3 bouts of cancer, even though he did not win the 4th bout! It was a God given miracle! He was given time for our children to grow older, he was given time to get to know his grandchildren. He was given time to come to know the Lord! We were given time to love each other a little longer. During this we all learned very valuable life lessons. How to live your life with dignity. To always have hope, to live each day to the fullest and to embrace each new day like its your last!