Saturday, November 1, 2008

Experiencing God!

I have decided that on Sundays I will post some stories about experiencing God. Some of these will be my own experiences and some will be from others who have shared stories. I have been meeting with a group of women, at my church in a small group and we are reading the book Experiencing God. This is the first small group that I have ever participated in. There are 7 of us in this group, different ages, and all of us on very different levels in our spiritual journeys.I have always believed in God, said a little prayer at night, but hadn't attended a church for many years.I realize that it is so much more than a prayer once a day. It has been in the last year that I have been growing stronger in my faith and have been thirsty for God's word! I found a great church and the pastor is a great teacher. I attend the modern service, which is a casual, no dress code environment. You sit at tables with coffee and doughnuts, they even serve a full breakfast once a month. The music is played by a contemporary rock band. Very different from the services I attended when I was younger. I read an article in the newspaper last fall about my Pastor. I just kept having reoccurring thoughts in my head that I should go check this church out. I finally did after many months. I know that I was sent there for a reason. I knew after attending a few services that this is the church that the Lord lead me to. My thirst to grow in my faith came over me as if the Lord himself, hit me in the head with a ruler, telling me to wake up!I suddenly became more aware of everything I said to people. At worked one day I had to tell my team one of those little white lies, something I wasn't supposed to let them know at the moment. After the meeting I was so aware of that white lie, because a lie is lie, in God's eyes. God reveals Himself to each of us in special and exceptional ways, so our perception of Him is unique! What I once thought was coincidental circumstances, I know now that it was an experience with God! I'll talk more of this in next Sunday's post! Iknow it's still Saturday, but I have a busy day tomorrow. The kids are coming for supper, so after church I will be cooking all day!


Cliff said...

A good pastor is so important and I'm glad you have found the right one for you. God answers prayer. Every time.
Your post about the last dance was so very touching. I'm glad you have the memory of that night.
I don't think I've ever read a more touching post.

Winifred said...

Glad you've found a church and people who you feel comfortable with. I'm sure it will be a great comfort to you.

I'm glad you haven't made any changes to your profile!

Ralph said...

Post it on Saturday, post it Sunday, doesn't matter to me - just post it. You are on to something here. And if you are ever short of ideas - call on your blogging friends. I have a few you can use. Great, great idea!!

Jim said...

Hi Marla, can I come to your church on breakfast Sunday?
I love to eat but I shouldn't do so much of it.
We have studied Experiencing God at our former church, I think it was helpful to all. I didn't join that study because they said there was a lot of homework. Do you have that?

I will like to read your stories of experiencing God.

Janell said...

You are SO right when you say the coincidental circumstances are often times when God is revealing Himself to us.

"Experienceing God" is a great idea for a weekly feature!

Paul Nichols said...

Looks like I found your blog just in time. I'll look forward to reading about your growth.

Greg C said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your church sounds a lot like mine. What is important is that we get something out of it and not how conventional it is. I love the title of your blog and this post.

EV said...

Applause, applause - great idea. I'll look forward to experiencing these inspirational posts.

Rachel said...

Great idea for a Sunday post!! I'm glad you have found a church that is perfect for you. Having a good Pastor means so much!! They have such an important job and not an easy one by any means.

Sue said...

The church we attend lost a lot of members due to the previous pastor. It is nice to see crowds again since we have a new one.

The "dance" blog was so bittersweet
I did have to shed a tear or two.

Janell said...

Hi Marla;
It's me again. Just wanted to point out the Sue is my sister.

Scarlet said...

"God reveals Himself to each of us in special and exceptional ways..."

How true. I look forward to next Sunday's post.

Jamie Dawn said...

I look forward to reading more of your Experiencing God posts.
It's wonderful that you've become part of a small group.
Thanks for sharing.

Brooke said...

Wonderful Post! I too am in a small church book club. I will add your title to our future book box. We finished reading "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World"...It was GREAT! Also "The Power of a Praying Woman"..Fantastic. It not a coincidence it’s a Godincidence. Great Post! I look forward to more!