Friday, November 7, 2008

The Last Two Days

I made it through my last two days at work but not with dry eyes! On Thursday there was a little surprise party for me, back in the lunch room where the individuals and staff have breaks. When I walked in and one of the individuals that we support said, " Were going to miss you Marla!" That's all it took, I totally lost it, I had to leave the room briefly, and with tears streaming down my face. I walked back down the hall and gained my composure. I headed back to the lunch room and was able to sit and visit and enjoy the morning break with everyone. They had all kinds of cookies and bars, it was very nice. My team had someone take a photo of all of us together. They gave me a nice picture frame, black and white that says Faith, Family, and Friends. Under the word Faith, they place a photo of me wearing a big sombrero. The big sombrero was given to me by my team last year after our 2 day state re certification review. We received no citations. This was the first time in the surveyors career that he did not write any citations for correction. I was so proud of all our staff for the great work that they do! In fact we were the only ones in the state to have no citations. So my team brought me this sombrero and said I was the best head honcho they ever had! They said they placed that photo under Faith because they always had faith in me. Under the family photo, they took my family photo off my blog, under friends they placed the photo of all of us that we had just taken that morning. It is a great treasure to take with me to hang on the wall of my my new office. I had lunch at my parents that day. I told them that I wouldn't be having lunch with them on Friday, since my team was taking me to lunch on my last day. I have lunch with my parents most days unless I am out of town at meetings. I have been going there for 5 years now. I know that they have enjoyed having me visit with them over lunch over the years. My dad turned 80 in Sept. and mom is 76. They have been married 58 years. They are the best parents a girl could have. Well when I was ready to leave my mom hugged me and started to cry, and I could see tears coming from dad's eyes! I was crying and hugged them both again. I have been so grateful that I have gotten to spend this special time with them over the last 5 years. I will miss that time with them. I will have to make sure I head up that way on the weekends to visit them. They also come here, to help work in the antique store that my mom and sisters have. I may have to start visiting them at the store when they work Saturdays. I packed my car and headed home, and you guessed it, I cried like a baby half the way home. I have tears rolling down my checks as I am writing this. I just a big baby! I know I will be fine once I start my new job, but it's been rough these last two days!!


Bonnie said...

You deserve every reason to eye-leak a lot.

Lucy Stern said...

I think that you and I are very much alike, when the spirit touches us we cry.....You are going through a lot of changes in your life right now and it is only right that you are sensitive to what is going on...I hope that you enjoy your new job.

Winifred said...

It's lovely that you've had that special time with your Mum & Dad. They have obviously enjoyed it a lot. Probably more than you realise.

Best wishes for the future you deserve it and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I'm also sure they'll enjoy working with you.